Find me in the wild.

Find me in the wild.

Find me where the wild things are.

Find me on the top of the the cliff admiring the breathless view.

Or sitting in a cafe, sipping my coffee, observing the ecstatic tourists from the window for they restore my love in the city which seemed tedious to me.

Find me in a playground being a child between all the children for they teach me innocence is exactly where our essence is.
Or in the art museum admiring the work of the aesthetic souls for each work reflects the beauty of the wave of emotions humans feel.

Find me in the concert where I am lost in the melodies, embracing my own true self without a care in world, dancing relentlessly, forgetting all the agonies.

Or in a bookstore, lost in the world of fictions because it is okay to escape from the reality for a while.

Wild is not partying at 3am in the morning so wasted that you can’t even walk or talk properly.

 Wild is when you come home at 3am in the morning, cook yourself your favorite food, jump into your bed in your comfortable pj’s and complete the TV series you have been procrastinating since forever.

Wild is not when you make out with random strangers and leave them wanting more. 

It is when you sit on your roof under the sky full of stars tugging closely to the person you have always had your eyes on.

Wild is not being the life of the party. It is when you befriend the introverts and the quite thinkers.

Wild are the little things which set your soul free.

Wild are the things which help you conquer your greatest fear.

Wild are the things which bring you one step closer to finding your own self.

At the end, it all comes to you, if you find the wild somewhere or in someone.

 Picture source – @ThoughtCatalog


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