Too young to fall too deep in love. 

I’m too young to fall too deep in love. 

I want to explore.

 I want to travel.

 I want to make memories in every country of the world.

 I want to get the adventures tattooed in my skin. 

I want to feel the adrenaline rush that a sky diver feels when he jumps from a height.

 I want to feel the excitement of trying new cuisine. 

I want to know how it feels to fall, hurt, get back up, and to start again.

 I want to feel my stomach churn when I’m in the process of conquering my fears. 

I want to feel the thirst while finding my way to the home,stranded in a desert.

 I want to live. 

I want to laugh. 

I want to lose but, most importantly, I want to win.

 I want to win despite all the obstacles thrown at me. 

And why do I say I’m too young to fall too deep in love? 

You need to fall in love yourself to understand that. 

Love is pure. 

Love demands your time.

 Love is important.

Having someone to share your adventures with,

having someone to take naps with, 

having someone to share your food with,

 having someone to tease you when you do silly stuff,

having someone to lift you up when you don’t even feel like moving, 

may seem the most precious thing in the world.

 Hell, it is the most precious thing in the world. 

But when it leaves you heartbroken it breaks the core of you. It feels as if you have been burdened by tons of sandbags on your shoulders. 

The memories you made make noise like someone is scratching their nails along the blackboard. 

It leaves you deaf

In the process of getting loved  by someone you forget how to love yourself.

 You get so used to of being in company of a lover you forget how when you were a kid you were happy to spend the time alone with yourself. 

Your own presence did not pinch you.

 And when I say I’m too young to fall too deep in love, is maybe, because I’m selfish. 

Im selfish to give myself all the attention that I deserve.

 Im selfish for conquering all my fears alone. 

Im selfish for having the experience of the lifetime all by myself.

 I do not want to spend my time in knowing someone who will leave me dumbstruck without giving any reason. 

I’d rather invest that time with myself doing what I love.

 And in the journey of loving myself, conquering my fears, admiring my soul maybe just maybe the right soul will find me too. 

Picture source – @thoughtcatalog


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